Purpose & Goals

Denton City Contemporary Ballet Statement of Purpose & Goals:

"The purpose of Denton City Contemporary Ballet is to promote the richness, artistry and discipline of classical and contemporary dance performance, to encourage the creation and performance of new choreographic works, and to provide the opportunity for apprenticeship to young dancers and choreographers."             

(Adopted by the Executive and Production Board February 20, 2008)

The overall mission of our organization points to three main goals

1. Community Enrichment. Through appearances throughout Denton and the surrounding community, as well as partnerships with local theatre groups and universities, the Company adds to the rich fabric of artistic activity within Denton.  

2. Youth Outreach. DCCB supports members of our local outreach dance troupe, the Denton Youth City Ballet; holds annual auditions for the company; trains members to achieve positive results when auditioning for summer dance programs; & supports an annual "Summer Study Dance Scholarship".

3. Professional Development. The Company's "Community Master Class Series" allows for the professional development of local and area dancers through study with professionals from all over the world, in various genres of dance.  Through appearances in "The Denton Dance Festival" (formerly "Collage Dance Festival") young dancers  come to the stage along with professionals, in a professional setting and with a full complement of production and technical expertise, in order to gain experience and growth in their chosen field.  We mount the annual holiday production, "A Gift for Emma" for the community. This production boasts approximately 200 dancers as well as technicians, professional lighting, etc. A wonderful show with a positive message it has been received very positively over the past 13 years. Continued development of our Family Classic Series will bring even more positive and beautiful dance art to the area. We encourage our pre-professional dancers to continue higher education courses, to teach when they are able, to choreograph and, of course, to dance. This inclusive training supports and encourages a wide-ranging and comprehensive professional development program within the Company.