Peter & the Wolf/Carnival of the Animals

Peter & The Wolf FlyerProkofiev’s classic ballet has become the favorite of children worldwide. Imaginatively scored so that each character is represented by a particular instrument, the piece provides a playful way to introduce young audiences to the orchestra AND the ballet!

This version of “Peter & the Wolf,” performed to the music of the Philadelphia Orchestra, is narrated by David Bowie. “Carnival of the Animals,” one of Saint Saens’ most well-known works, is a ballet set in 14 movements, each depicting an animal or set of animals. The choeography, set by Artistic Director, Lisa Racina-Torre, is at once humorous, satirical, and virtuosic providing a perfect foundation DCCB's dancers, which will perform both classical AND contemporary highlighting their wide range of talent.

With both ballets offering original choreography, and original costuming by Ms. Nita Acton of Need-a-Design, this production promises to keep the audience fully engaged AND enchanted!